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Hello world!

March 1, 2008

 She:kon (Mohawk) and Welcome to our new Forum!

Although the people of Six Nations of the Grand River are ancestrally a people of oral tradition and have a strong storytelling history, we are also a community of writers. We believe writing our stories is just a natural extension of our oral storytelling tradition.

For a long time, our stories have been fictionalized, romanticized and told by writers other than ourselves. As a result, historic misconceptions about us have weaved their way into the fabric of society’s consciousness. We believe that it is time to correct these misconceptions and write our own stories.

We are the Six Nations Writers. We are a group of varied individualized writers from all walks of life. We are published and aspiring writers who all have strong voices and want our voices heard. We are poets, novelists, academic and technical writers. We are journalists, essayists, cartoonists and comedians. We are short story writers, playwrights and songwriters. We are the storytellers of today and we are varied as the nations and clans that are our heritage.

The purpose of this blog is a forum for the writers to share their writings, thoughts, inspiration, etc. with themselves and all nations. Everyone is welcome to interact with us.

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